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Most dental offices will treat just the tooth.
We treat the whole patient!

At A to Z Dental, we try to focus on you and your family’s dental health in relationship to your overall wellness. We desire to make you as comfortable as possible as a part of our dental family.

We hope that you will feel better about yourself, your appearance and gain more self-confidence after being treated by Dr. Purvi Parikh and after spending time with our staff.

The doctors and staff A to Z Dental hope to make your each and every visit a positive and safe experience where you feel valued, cared for, and appreciated.

We respect you and we will be considerate of your busy schedule. Dr. Parikh and the staff will make every effort to accommodate your visit at a time that is most convenient.

We strive toward continual improvement in our care to you through daily huddle meetings; monthly staff and training meeting; advancements in our technology; providing patient education; along with continuing education for all staff members.

We provide the highest level of safety and infection control for your personal protection.

We believe your oral health significantly influences your overall health, and that there is a direct mouth-body connection. We will address this issue as we help care for and update you.

Our goal is to help you preserve your natural teeth through optimum dental care. We hope to “wow” you with our level of care, empathy, understanding and patient care.

We would like to offer you a complete experience by ministering to your dental, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

If you have ANY question or comments about our office, the doctors, the staff, the procedures we are able to perform, the directions, or if you need any other dental information PLEASE contact us… e-mail us at TheDentist@AtoZdental.net.

We utilize a two-pronged method of lowering your long term dental expenses:

  • One facet is our responsibility; to spend the time it takes to do thorough diagnosis, using materials, care, and techniques that provide long-lasting and successful treatment.

  • The other facet is your responsibility; brushing and flossing every day, and staying on time with your checkup schedule.

Of course, it takes us time to do thorough diagnosis, excellent treatment, and good patient education. But Dr. Parikh has experienced that if you follow this philosophy, the initial costs of diagnosis and treatment is worth the time and expense, and the long term costs are actually lower… Your mouth tends to be more stable… You have fewer future problems… You reduce your dental “worry level.


I highly recommend
Dr. Purvi Parikh of AtoZ Dental as your family dentist.

- Dr. Kokila Parikh