Dental Implants

One way to replace or fix your teeth are with dental implants. Dental implants can also be a permanent solution to replace partial or complete dentures. Dental implants are great substitutions for dental appliances.
Dental implants are prosthetic root or teeth, typically titanium that are surgically put into the jawbone by a dentist or Periodontist. The teeth on the implant are ordinary looking, that can rebuild and improve a patient’s confidence.
Dental implants are resilient and often last for many years. Due to regular wear, some implants, may need to be retightened or replaced.
Reasons for Dental Implants:

What is involved for dental implants?

Getting implants require multiple consultations over a period of time with your dentist. X-rays and molds, also known as impressions, are made from your teeth and jaw to construct the implants. Numbing medication will be used prior to placement of implant. It may take up to six months to fully heal from surgery. Some implants require a second surgery to place the “post” to hold the tooth in place. Some implants that already have a post and anchor together, only requires a one-time surgery.
The artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post part of the anchor post-surgery. Due to fittings and adjustments, it may take between one to two months to resolve all the fittings perfectly. Next, the healing period begins, this step allows the artificial teeth to attach to the implant and offer comfort and permanency for the patient.
The dentist will provide directions on caring for your new implants once treatment is achieved. Having good dental routine, eating habits, and routine dental visits, will help allow your dental implants last.
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